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Dienstag, 15. August 2006, 12:30

Tutorial on the web: Making a 1:25 bicycle

On my regular check of Cardmodels.net I found a tip by Gil Russel on a Japanese website on how to make spoked wheels.

That was fascinating in its own right. But it turned even better when I ran the site through Babelfish to get a rough translation into English. Then I discovered that this is part of a three-page tutorial on how to make a complete bicycle in paper, from scratch! The scale, judging from the measured wheel size in one of the photos, is ca 1:25.

So, here we go, introducing this Japanese master and his work:

The craftsman at work is K. Hayashi, and you will find his portal page here (all links refer to Babelfished translations into English).

Clicking on the image of the bycycle takes you to the introductory page for that project:

The first real page is all about making the spoked wheels, completely in paper:

Next, we proceed to the making of the frame, forks, etc., often with special jigs:

Ending up with the finishing parts, like the saddle:

Go have a look for yourself. I guarantee that you will be both inspired and awed. What a long way most of us have to achieve this kind of patience and perfection!

Dankbar für die Gelegenheit auf Englisch schreiben zu dürfen, kann aber Antworten problemlos auf Deutsch lesen.

Jan Hascher

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Dienstag, 15. August 2006, 13:01

this is one hell of a catch. Amazing. Even the spokes are made of paper...

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Gil Russell


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Dienstag, 15. August 2006, 19:36

The Art of Paper


Hayashi-san is an artist who has perfected his medium to the level of master. I spent a lot of time looking at his site and recommend it to anyone interested in paper modeling as a true artform. I still have a lot to strive for...,

-Gil Russell
I got carded!

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Oliver Wilking


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Mittwoch, 23. August 2006, 10:08

I can't believe it, crazy!

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