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Mittwoch, 20. April 2005, 13:32

Tools for papermodeling

Hello everyone!

I am making a new thread to show all our tools. I don't know german, so please understand me, if I did not write this post to the existing thread about modeling tools. All I want, is to share my experience on used tools for paper modeling.

So now I will show my tools:

I use old trunk to store most of my tools. It is very comfortable to travel with such trunk :)

These are my tools. I won't talk much about them, because all of you know how to use all these tools. You can see here some tweezers, scissors, brushes, blades, knives, pins, paint bottles, sandpaper, glue and etc. There also you can see a box for moulding cockpits. I also have my own protection gloves, to protect hands from heat.

Also I have also other tools, that are not seen here in pictures: polishing disc, press for fixing parts in order to work with them, chisels, hammer and so on.

And there are materials used by me. 1mm cardboard (grey one in the background), whatman, thin paper, 0.5mm cardboard, metal net, rubber, very thin plywood, aliuminium, 1mm wire, 0.5mm wire, 2mm aliuminium wire and cords:

And here you can see my tools for working with electrics. And in the last photo you can see components used for electric systems: lamps, diodes, connections, plugs, resistors and so on..

So thats all. I hope this helped you. You can also post your equipment here :)

Good luck


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