Samstag, 9. Juni 2007, 14:24

Ticonderoga HMV 1/250


Today I attended funeral ceremony of my business associates.
In one year four acquaintances have past away. All of them were at the age of middle fifties upto middle sixties.
I am not young anymore too. I might be next. My acquaintances past away at relatively young age comes as a fresh reminder that I must do what I want to do before going to long home.
Let's make card models!!!!

This Ticonderoga, workmanship of hand rail was terrible.
Material I used was sewing yarn. But some parts stiffness was not enough. For next ship I have already bought laser cut handrail ordering moduni. Perhaps next one will be better ( I hope so).

By above reason I hesitated to take close-up pictures.

Best regards,
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Samstag, 9. Juni 2007, 17:44

RE: Ticonderoga HMV 1/250

Hi Yu,

for Your superb built Ticonderoga I would recommend to use photoetched parts. Their thicknessis is only 50% of the lasercut parts.Another advantage is the greater stability (metal!). If You dont want the special parts for the Ticonderoga, You can use Two - Bar / Three - Bar Railings ("Standard - Railings").Their are also stanard Incline -Ladders available.

Best regards


Samstag, 9. Juni 2007, 18:39

RE: Ticonderoga HMV 1/250

Hi Gunny,

Thank you very much for your kind information.
I did not know photoetched parts are so thin.
It worth trying.
Thank you again. =)

Best regards

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