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Dienstag, 28. April 2015, 09:18

Tatra 815-7 80 R 59 19 270 4x4.R1 HMHD / Cargo Troop Carrier M1:25 RPM- studio

Ladies and gentlemen.
Finally I finished and can offer today for sale paper model TATRA 815-7 4X4 HMHD in white version. Model covers 24 pages A4 with 1313 numbered parts, in total 3925 parts. There are also detailed assembly drawings spread on 27 A4 pages. Next color versions will follow in couple of days in green with Polish, Slovakian and Czech insignia in one version, after green, sand color will be added. Price of the model is 12EUR in pdf file. In case you are interested, you can send this amount to PayPal account + PayPal fee. For those that do not have PayPal account, model will be available on the pages and as usual in some time also at Printed version (offset) is not planned unless I will receive reasonable offer. Some pictures how the model looks like. Just to highlight, model is available only in pdf version.
Best impression you can get by watching the video here:

Thanks you for atencion