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Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011, 21:54

TARK Pyotr Velikiy

The cut-out booklet I would like to recommend you is a semi-novelty, considering the publishing lightspeed of the Ukrainian Orjol. It was published late this winter and since then several new booklets have come out. I decided to „take up” my keyboard because I have not read such an introductory review.

The topic of my presentation is Peter the Great, the member of the ill-fated Kirov class whose future is unfortunately also quite unpredictable. The other three members are ships Admiral Ushakov, Admiral Lazaryev and Admiral Nachimov.

The Kirov class (also known as the Orlan-programme 1973-1989)

Admiral Ushakov (ex-Kirov): due to the problems with its rockets she was withdrawn from the active fleet, waits for ovelhauling. Might be used as a spare -parts-donor for the others.

Admiral Lazaryev (ex-Frunze) – awaits her refit

Admiral Nachimov (ex-Kalinin) – under a protracting refit The Russian government intends to recommission the Lazaryev and the Nachimov but due to the constant uncertainties of the budget, it is doubtful. Pyotr Veliky, the gem of the Northern Fleet is presently anchored in the naval base in Syeveromorsk. Fortunatley there was no need to use her destructive might. She participated the ill-fated military exercise in August 2000 when the Russian Army lost the Kursk submarine.

The paper set consists of 49 pages in format DIN A3 out of which:

  • 14 pages of b/w 3D assembly computer graphics were printed to a shiny paper.
  • 19 pages of colour-printed parts are found on the 250 g quality paper
  • 16 pages of ribs and other structural elements on plain, 80 gramm office sheets, but is not a problem since they have to be glued to the 0.5 or 1 mm thick cardboard anyway.

The sheets were not bound or glued together but simply packed into a plastic bag. The dominating colours of the ship are grey and brickred with some minor green surface. It is a floating giant – the ready model is approx. 125 cm long. Colours slips cannot be detected. It is very detailed, having about 4 thousand parts. Special delicacy is that we find bronze and silver metallic surfaces, though not many, where it is necessary.

This set is of course not recommended to beginners. The price is either not at this level. Hopefully the ship’s precision will go along it.

Mr Oryol’s publisher has come out with another masterpiece for the pleasure of all who like being occupied with superdetailed modern ships. And since the other three members of this class are physically quite identical, it is hoped that we will meet them as cut-out-booklets in the near future.
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Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011, 22:32

Renaulticus you are too late,

the kit has been already presented here :

Peter der Große - Schlachtkreuzer der KIROV Klasse

Klaus (SY190)

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