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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008, 13:11

T28 1:25 DrafModel

DrafModel is out with the T28!!

The kit is very thick....It contains 36 pages!!
The model is the Soviet medium multi turret tank that was produced between 1932-1942.It looks like DrafModel has done it again!! The kit looks very promising and it also seems to be holding the same high standard as the PAK40 and the LeFh18/40.That means a 100% fit kit!!

Since this kit has no interior,the insructions are limited.
They cover all neccesary parts in a very good 3D presentation.
The first 5 pages are 3d drawings
We can also see from the drawings that this isn't the easyest model.....

The following 4 pages are formers and rolled parts.Most parts are to be glued to 1mm cardboard (unless you have the laserparts)

I'm not sure about the partscount on this model,but it seems to be a lot.
The parts are well organized so that you don't have to look through a lot of pages to find the parts you seek.

The tank can be built in 5 different versions.
With different parts and markings for each type.

Wheels......hold your breath.....74 of them all in all!!
First the drivewheels

The upper leading wheels

Roadwheels.Two types of them.

Only individual tracklinks or lasertracks available.
For the individual links, each link contains 17 parts.....
Tracks are also printed with metallic print.Both glossy print and satin print for you to choose.

Frames and tracks are available.
Saves a whole lot of work.....

From what I have seen in this kit.....DrafModel has done it again!!
The kit looks incredible good and a "must have" for every vehicle/tank guy in the cardmodel business.
The only drawback I can see is that there is no weathering on the model.So I'm going to add some dirt and rust when I start the model sometimes in the beginning of next year.

Johnny Svensson

In the workshop
LeFh 1:16 DrafModel
T28 1:25 DrafModel

Finished builds.



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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008, 16:11

RE: T28 1:25 DrafModel

Ich habe mir heute auch den T28 bei Drafmodel bestellt,bin ja gespannt!Grüß euch,Spartakus

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