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Freitag, 14. Dezember 2007, 22:22

Pz.kpfw.35t 1:25 WAK

The panzerkampfwagen 35t was a tsjekkoslovakian light tank used by the Germans during ww2. The tank is also known as the LT-35 in tsjekkia.

Some info from wikipedia.
The LT-35 had a conventional tank design for the late 1930s, with riveted armor, a two-man turret, and rear-engine and drive. Main armament was a Škoda vz 34 37.2 mm gun operated by the tank commander for which 72 rounds were stored on board. A coaxial 7.92 mm machinegun was fitted as well. The second crewman in the turret was the loader for the main gun. In the front hull sat the driver to the right side with the bow machine gunner, who also served as the radio operator, to his left, manning the 7.92 mm machine gun fitted in the front armor plate. A total of 1,800 rounds of 7.92 mm ammunition was carried.

The Škoda six-cylinder engine produced 120hp. It was mounted in the rear along with the six-speed transmission and drove the rear drive wheel. Eight road wheels on four bogies carried the tank, with a single front idler, and four track return wheels. Both transmission and steering were mechanically assisted with compressed air, reducing driver fatigue. This last feature proved problematic in the extreme conditions of the Eastern Front.

The kit.

The kit contains 16 pages.
First page is info/history and instructions in polish.
Second page is the formers.

Page 3 is instructions

Page 4 and 5 are tracks.You can build the individual links or the one belt type.

Then 9 pages with parts follows.

The last 3 pages are drawings.

Now on to the extras....
We got laserframes


And at last laser engraved tracks

This kit looks really good.
Parts count are it's quite a lot of parts involved.
The tank has no interior.
The drawn instructions looks very good.

Johnny Svensson

In the workshop
LeFh 1:16 DrafModel
T28 1:25 DrafModel

Finished builds.

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