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missy mouse


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Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009, 20:56

preval spray gun

allo guys, i know, long time no post... well the mouse ain't dead, just smells like it... kidding. any way i went to home depot to look for some grey brush on paint and found something quite neat... so i got one and guess what.....IT WORKS!!! well...sort of. just have to make sure the strainer at the bottom is clear and your paint has no lumps in it, also recomend thinning a little thinner than what it calls for and get a couple spare power units. heres a link to the company site for the sprayer. i have to say i'm happy.. best $5 spent :) :D

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Mittwoch, 4. März 2009, 20:12

Hi Missy,

Yes the little sprayer works fine and will soon be about as good as an airbrush using the cans of propellant. Next time you go by a Harbor Freight store, check out their stock of airbrushes, for less than $12 you can score a pretty decent double action airbrush and for about $50 you can score an air compressor to run it off of. Figure out how many cans of propellant for either system you will go through, probably about 10 or 12 and you can have a set up that will run for years as opposed to just so many uses. If you have a problem finding a store near you, they also have a website and will ship directly to you.

I used to use the Preval sprayers when I had a job doing repairs and warrenty jobs on fiberglass bath tubs in new construction units out here in Vegas. The only problem that I ever really found with them was you always seemed to run out of blow when you needed it most. ;)
Jay Massey
Las Vegas, NV

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