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Monday, February 12th 2007, 7:18am

Papirove Kralovstvi 2007 Brno

Hello Kartonists, a traditional - already 7th year of Papirove Kralovstvi show and contest of paper models in Brno /Brunn/ Czech Republic comes.

23rd February - until 21:00 - receiving of models for contest
24th February - as of 9:00 public open show with additions as cardmodels sale, workshop etc until 14:00.

Standard cathegories for contest according to CPM Czech Rep. as following:

- simple buildings
- coupled buildings
- air and space technique
- tracked
- ships
- small wheeled
- giant wheeled /above 3,5tons of total weight of real/


- mini - cardmodelers under 9years age
- diorama

special contest cathegories:

- BLAXOB trophy - wheathered models - judged by bernie and Roman V.
- Grand Prix FT Luzanky 2007 - cardmodels of Formula 1 cars in 1:24 - judged by Forum Team publishers
- ABC trophy - Honda Civic special contest of ABC magazine - judged by ABC staff
- Michal Dudas trophy - cardmodels of animals from ABC mag - special judged by Michal Dudas
- Ondrej Hejl trophy - architecture cardmodels judged by Ondrej Hejl
- Luzanky Director´s trophy - architecture cardmodel of Luzanky judged by Director of Luzanky Children´s Shelter

Where to find us?…Ids=item-1-list

Luzanky SVC
Lidicka 50
602 00 Brno
Czech Rep.

Looking for accomodation?…Ids=item-1-list

Hotel Slovan - 200mt from Luzanky

Need more info - check with me.

Looking for you at Papirove Kralovstvi 2007 in Brno / Czech Rep./
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