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David Hathaway


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Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010, 21:54

Paper Shipwright mailing list changes

The Paper Shipwright website has had the option to sign up for an email notification service for some time now and I have tried to send out emails announcing new models, etc. However the large number of people signed up has long passed the point where I can practically maintain an email list myself and I have not been able to send out an email notification for some time now.

I have registered a new email notification service with Feedburner (a subsidiary of Google) and changed my homepage to give people the ability to sign up for this service - it's registered as Paper Shipwright Updates. Any notifications I make can now simply be sent to my Feedburner service and it will manage all subscriptions and onward distribution of the emails for me. This will allow me to concentrate on the content of the announcement emails, rather than on managing subscribers to the mailing list.

Unfortunately, as Feedburner is a subscription service I cannot transfer the current list of people subscribed to my mailing list. So if you want to enrol to receive ongoing updates, announcements and other information of interest, visit my homepage at and click on the link in the lower left to subscribe. Follow the instructions on the page that appears.

I will send out weekly quick notes to re-assure people they have signed up correctly for the next month or so and then try and keep a bi-monthly "newsletter" going out.

Note you can easily unsubscribe from either a link on the feedburner page or included in the emails that go out.


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