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David Hathaway


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Montag, 15. Oktober 2007, 11:54

New model - SS Baychimo

The model of the steam freighter SS Baychimo is now available.

Built in Sweden, the Baychimo was launched in 1914 for the Baltische Rhederei as the SS Ångermanelfven. She was given to Britain after WWI and bought by the Hudson Bay Company. The ship made several trips along the north coast of Canada delivering supplies to the remote settlements there and trading for furs. In 1931 she became trapped in the arctic ice and was abandoned. The ship did not sink and was seen by unuit hunters and explorers regularly for the next 40 years.

Baychimo is a typical small steam freighter of the early 1900's - engines aft and with 3 hatches.

The model is printed on 5 DIN A4 sheets of card and comprises about 300 pieces. The model allows either the Ångermanelfven or the Baychimo to be built. The model is about 29cm long when assembled.

Visit my website for more details and pictures of the assembled model.

David Hathaway

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