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Freitag, 2. April 2010, 19:38

New 1-25 scale towing cables

Hello again!
About the towing cables kits rather hard to write that is new, because they are already on the market since some months, and many of You have time to acquire them already.
I had not the opportunity to show how perfect looks the product of Eureka on the model . My old vehicles were already equipped with a copper towing cables and resin thimble .
I glue it together used cjano-acrylic glue .

Panzer IV ausf.G by Model-Card .

Panzer III ausf. J by GPM (yellow serie)

Panther G by GPM (yellow serie) reworked to early version and eguipped in all available accessories to 1-25 scale .

Panther A by Academy.
reworked toi RC standard, upgraded by scratched metal claimps and tool holders .

Tiger I by Tamiya (model in progress,still ;( ) .

T34-85 & SU85 by Tamiya (model in progress,still ;( ) .

Towing cable kits You find here
Nuer Plastik und Karton Panzer Modelle in 1-25 Massstab

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