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Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014, 12:34

[N] B-2 SPIRIT 1:33 MODEL-KOM --New design

New edition of the B-2 model . I change in project colors, I corrected errors and I change sign of the unit . In this edition model have control surfaces .

for first people i have specila cover with name , but if you want this you must make orders to the 9 march

price of modeel 98zł [24,5 euro ]

wheels - 50zł [12.5 euro ]

decals - 75zł [18.75 euro]

laser parts skeleton .. something about the 120zł [30euro ]( ( I will know more about this price in monday )

orders --> biuro@model-kom.pl


Normal cover

Limited cover

Added control surface

Information for admin. I cant found place on the forum with Kit Announcements , so please move this topic to the the appropriate place

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