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Samstag, 18. Oktober 2008, 02:41

Modelik, Polikarpov I-16, 1:33


I am currently in Spain, Valencia, on Erasmus studies for one term. I just wanted to continue modelling, but avoiding plane transporting problems, I have decided to get myself a very small plane. That is a little 1:33 Modelik Polikarpov I-16 typ24 :)

About a plane itself:

All of you know, that I-16 was used, by USSR, in the beginning of WWII, and really wasn't too inferior even to Bf-109s. This was a revolutionary airplane with revolutionary design. It was the first plane in the world with retractable landing gear and cantilever wing desing (cantilever - in mechanics, is a method of attaching a beam, only at one end, to a fixed surface). These planes were introduced in 1930s, as a backbone for Soviet Air Force. This petite fighter showed its best in Manchurian war with Japans, just before WWII. This is a model of typ24, which was very manoeuvrable, and thus was called 'rata'.

Ok, so the model is quite easy, only 4x A4s, not many parts, complex places or so. I am not going to complete it fully, because I will have to transport it back to Lithuania. But I will do so, that in Kaunas I will just need like two evenings to complete it :)

The magazine itself is very neat, with great polygraphics. No weathering or superdetailisations..

I have a very few tools and materials with me, so I will do it straight "out of box", without detailing, fixing or modifying.

I am sorry, that I really hasted, and I didn't photographed the beginning of the production. But on the other hand, there is not much to show. Just a framework, and primitive cockpit, which is deep and not so much visible.
It is like three evenings work.. Just I haven't built any models for a while, so I was eager, and I hasted too much, which lead to some minor mistakes. I hope I will get accustomed to it :)

Aim sights

Engine. It will be practically invisible, so I didn't put too much effort in it...

That is all. Till the next time :)



  • »Mindaugas« ist männlich
  • »Mindaugas« ist der Autor dieses Themas

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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008, 14:30

RE: Modelik, Polikarpov I-16, 1:33


Here, I have completed the engine, which is quite simple, but nice. Offcourse it will be absolutely invisible, so practically I could have even skipped it :D

This is my ubersmall workplace, in my room, in Valencia :) Spain is very nice country, but I wouldn't live here, maybe I am too patriot of my country, I love it and I miss it. This is a good experience to see something new, to learn in a new way, to see the architecture and living style here, to design a project for Spain, but it's good that this exchange period is just half a year :)

Some photos of Valencia :)…0833_resize.jpg

Good luck friends!

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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008, 14:36

No you would never skipped the engine!!
You know it's there,and it would be annoying to think of it if you skipped it :)

Johnny Svensson

In the workshop
LeFh 1:16 DrafModel
T28 1:25 DrafModel

Finished builds.

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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008, 15:48

Hello Mindaugas,

I wish you successful studies, and some happy modeling to keep you company away from home!

I was wondering who's the designer of the Modelik Polikarpov - any relation to the Modele Kartonowe (free download) model?

Dankbar für die Gelegenheit auf Englisch schreiben zu dürfen, kann aber Antworten problemlos auf Deutsch lesen.

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