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Donnerstag, 10. April 2008, 19:11

LeFH18/40 DrafModel/1:16

Hello guys and girls!!
Finally a new model from DrafModel arrived in my mailbox!!
This is a long awaited release of another cannon from Draf.
I guess the standard was set with the PAK40 last year with a total rating of 11 out of 10 points :)
So I'm sure the leFH holds and even raises the limit this time.
The model is of course equipped with a lot of laserparts,and I guess thats kind of vital on a build like this with no room for errors in the cutting phase :)

The kit.

The kit contains a total of 33 pages.
The first 3 pages are info and polish instructions.

Then 6 pages with really good 3D instructions follows.
We can see that a lot of work have been put into the instructions.

Next page is the one that covers the rolled parts printed on thin paper for rolling around objects of a given diameter.

Now 6 pages of parts follows.

The shells and projectiles are printed on 2 pages of glossy paper that have a nice metallic effect.

So another 6 pages of parts follows.

One page with wooden and metal parts in 1:1 scale follows

And one page with the inside of the barrel plus an extra if you mess up :)

So another 4 pages with 3D drawings

The last 3 pages are laesrparts charts with the laserpart sheets marked so finding the right part is easy.

The laserparts

The kit really looks good and with my experience from Draf's last Pak40 I'm really looking forward to start this build.

Johnny Svensson

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