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Dienstag, 31. März 2009, 00:51

Jupiter Moon, Spacecraft Ilea

Hi All,

A few months back I bought the new "Batman" movie when it came out and part of the DVD package I purchased was a digital download version of the movie. To download it, I was required to vist the Cinema Now site and set up their player and software. Looking around their site I discovered the old 1990's series "Jupiter Moon". AFter actually purchasing a few of the shows and watching them I did discover that it was more of a space faring soap opera but it was entertaining and I did like it so I wound up getting just over half of the shows made so far, 56 out of 109. I will probably add the rest as time goes by since they are cheap and I am a collector of science fiction in all its' many forms.

While the show focuses more on the people and things taking place aboard their space craft, the fusion powered partially rotating Ilea, it does neglect a few facts here and there. Where is the gravity provided for the non rotational parts of the ship? Where are the fuel tanks? These and a few other details are just overlooked. But checking out the space craft itself has made me want to build one of my own. I was wondering if anyone might know of a source for a model. While I could probably come up with my own by using screen shots from the shows and lots of drawing to figure out how it should go together, a model would be a quicker end to it all. So any of you sci fi fans out there have any ideas?

Here is a picture of the model that was constructed for the show by a model shop in the Czech Republic. They did a pretty fair job coming up with a 10 foot long ship that could be used for filming. I am sure it probably resides in some collectors' collection by now, a shame if it wasn't preserved. I found this picture on the still existant and only fan site that I could locate.

Jay Massey
Las Vegas, NV

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