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Sonntag, 20. November 2005, 11:49

Introduction GreMir Models

I would like to introduce GreMir Models to your community. Some of you probably heard about us through postings, but it is time to do it properly.
We are on the market for almost two years now and we offer card models in electronic format, either on CD or as a download.
You will quickly notice that models we have in our offer are also available in printed format from several Polish publishers. I would like to assure you, that designers own copyright to the models in our offer, and I hope that convenience of electronic copy of the model will work to our advantage.
Now, having that out of the way, about our models. Most of them are planes designed by Rafal Ciesielski. All are very highly detailed, but also allow building simpler versions for less skilled modelers. His first plane for us was the Northrop P-61 Black Widow, Times’a’Wastin with alternate parts to build Lady in the Dark (see picture 1)

His latest model, Petlyakov Pe-2FT has three-color versions available and it is a true masterpiece. Full interior, detailed undercarriage and engine mock-up will satisfy the most demanding modeler (see picture 2)

If you are interested in ships, you certainly heard about designs from Grzegorz Nowak. For us he designed this beautiful Japanese destroyer, IJN Nagatsuki. He is also co-owner of the GreMir Models (see picture 3)

Stand is included of course ;-)
British destroyers came from Adrian Kacz. He is just starting his designing career, but just looking at his models I’m sure he has a great future ahead of him. Similarity to models designed by Grzegorz is no coincidence; Adrian honed his skills under Grzegorz’s tutelage. His latest design, HMS Onslow includes two camouflage schemes; Arctic and Mediterranean, so for the price of one model you are actually receiving two ;-) (see picture 4)

Having said that let me only add that we are standing 100% behind our models. Any issues that could arise will be addressed promptly (there is six hours time difference, though) and to assure customer satisfaction.
Thanks again for allowing us to become a part of community.

Michael Krol
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