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Montag, 10. Juli 2006, 06:25

In search of

I've been looking for a well-designed diesel tugboat model that can be built either as a waterline model for a railroad layout or as a full hull shelf display that can be obtained as a download model. I'd prefer a free model, but I haven't found anything as of yet, so would also consider a reasonably priced model, as long as there is one available that I can change the scale on prior to printing. Has anyone seen one available that I can obtain easily? Thanks for the help?

Michael Urban


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Montag, 10. Juli 2006, 08:23


I don't know of a download, but HMV has a good printed tugboat and the steam tug "Selma" of Jan Hutnik ( might be interesting for you.


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Montag, 10. Juli 2006, 08:37

Have you tried looking through the download archive of modell-portraits on the site? I found the following tugs:

PMP 001 - HMV, Hafenschlepper SATURN
PMP 004 - HMV, Schlepper HERMES
PMP 030 - HMV, Schlepper Merkur
PMP 070 - Möwe, Hochseeschlepper Oceanic
PMP 098 - Hafenschlepper BÄR

Admittedly, none of these is immediately applicable for a railroad layout, since they are in 1:250 scale.

For my own part, I got the the DSM Bremerhafen model of the little "Hafenschlepper" (harbour tug).

The original in 1:100 has been scaled to 1:87, and I have slowly started doing some reworking of the original graphics. If time period is of no consequence it is a nice little model (not so little at 1:100 as ship models go, paticularly if you scale it the extra bit to 1:87).

The model is printed, handdrawn, and not particularly colourful as it comes. The advantage is that you can build it both as a waterline and a full hull model. You will have to learn how to use larger paper size, though - the hull parts exceed A4 in 1:87. Get back to me, if that is a problem.

If you have difficulties to find the images of the Selma tug Michael provided above, use this link.

Best, Leif
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Montag, 10. Juli 2006, 10:38

Hi Mike,

What scale do you prefer? Which period? Which scene is it ment for?

"Selma" is originally a steamtug, so you have to provide here with a smaller and more modern stack; in the fifties many steamtugs were converted to diesel-powered tugs, especially the smaller ones.

Hermes by HMV is a seagoing (rescue)diesel-tug, period: twenties,1:250 scale

Pieter by Scaldis, waterline-model, harbour- and seagoing, late sixties, 1:100 scale

Hudson by Scaldis, waterline-model, (rescue) diesel-tug, late thirties, 1:100 scale

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