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Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009, 23:28

Ikarus P-453 or ...


This is one of my first post on this forum but my last model is so ... unusual so i decide to show it.
Yugoslavian construction - almost airplane ;).
You could read about it and see the pictures for example here.
Projected by my colleague Krzychu74 - micro modeller.

Modelling was simply when i expected difficulty ( look fairings on wings ) and awful when i thinked "this is simple one" ( undercarriage ).
Most important mistake : i printed this model on paper 240 g/m2 instead 160,170 g/m2 as recommened.
Believe me - torture...
The worst is the canopy but i see it just on photos - promiss 'll make new one...

So, how do you like it ?
A socialistic Batmobil ?
:polish: i dont speak german :( - yet :)
and sorry for my pidgin English...



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Freitag, 17. Juli 2009, 23:21

Thank you piotter for your test-gluing and info here. :)
BTW: Ikarus is in scale 1:50

Best regards.

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