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Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008, 07:51

ICM Free Panzer Ausf D

Hello to all,
I'm new here at I finally got around to regestering. I have been modeling with paper for a few years now and have visited this site many times. I enjoy looking at the many beautiful builds here...There are truly a lot of talented craftsman here!

I would like to share my latest build with everyone here. I've been working on this project over the past few months as part of a "free model" contest over on the Zealot forum.

I chose to build the ICM panzer IV. this download can be found here:
My goal with this project is to add more 3D details to a model that is already an outstanding example of a free offering.

Up to this point I have completed about half of the project.
Here is a quick look at my progress so far.

I started out with 3 copies so that I would have enough pieces to build up layers giving me a 3D effect on many of the parts.

Hull build w/ additional details added to the bottom

The following photos show the road wheels, drive gears, and idler rollers...

Parts comming together...

Few little bits and pieces...

That is it for now...
Kevin Stephens



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Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008, 11:25

RE: ICM Free Panzer Ausf D

Hoi Kevin,

Welcome to the forum!

Technical Issue:

Could you please load up your pictures on the forum server? Maximum 500 Kb, maximum 6 pictures. Next 6 pictures by touching the "answer"-button in the thread, in the "answer" there should be at least one sign typed in the text part.

This is to avoid loading times in the forum and missing pictures after a certain period,

Kind Regards from Amersfoort, Netherlands,,
Gert dein Forum! It's Yours! Jouw Forum!

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