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Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011, 21:27

Free downloads of containers, trucks and much more....

Yesterday I met cardboard modeller / designer and web master Rob Schatborn, living just a few streets further as my own address in my place Oldenzaal in the NL. It was to my big surprise that Rob (73 years old) maintains a website in which he offers hundreds of free downloadable cardboard models of which most are designed by himself.
The majority of his cardboard models are 20 and 40 ft containers at different railway modellers scale (HO, N) but as the real world sizes are also mentioned any other scale can be printed. All containers are based upon photographs of the real containers so they look really realistic incl. rust etc. I can imagine they could be placed on the VK-Design container ships or any other container ship published by eg. JSC, HMV, Mowe etc. The containers are published as single unit, double, four or eight container blocks.
Of course, they are ideal also to be placed in a harbour diorama of which so many are at the moment published in our forum.
Next to these containers Rob offers hundreds of truck paintings to "dress up" your trucs in your own individual way.
For architecture builders also white cardboard models are offered, that can be coloured by the modeller using many of the textures offered in the same site (such as windows, doors, walls) etc. I would just suggest to everybody to take your time to vist Rob's website, there is a lot to see and to download! Here is the link to Rob's website:
Jeroen van den Worm
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