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Donnerstag, 25. August 2011, 09:16

Fiddler's Green auch demEnde nahe ?

ich habe gerade denNewsletter von Fiddler's Green erhalten. Klingt für mich auch ein bisschen wie das Pfeifen im Walde...

Lest selbst:

The state of Fidddlersgreen...

I’m 73 and time’s running a little short for me.
I’ve given up on getting a staff together to keep FG going when I’m gone.. It seems nobody else is up for long hours for little pay lol... so now we go to plan ‘C’

Plan ‘C’...Payback!
Over the past 3 decades, about 15 designers have been working hard (on and off) creating new models for us. Sadly, Fiddlersgreen could only pay them $100-$300 per design-cardmodeling is a labor of love. Their much appreciated offerings has been keeping FG going all these years. Did you know there are over 2000 individual models to date !!

So my programmer and I are working on Plan ‘C’ which is to insure- these next thousand years- a steady flow of new cardmodels by making it possible for future generations of designers to upload their own designs to the website, create the webpage and then, as long as there’s an intenet, receive ALL the proceeds. They will decide the models and price points.

To be included in the plan they will need to strictly adhere to the FG format and spirit of educating/entertaining. The massive inventory that are FG owned should cover the operating expenses. When eventually times get better, there should be funding for worthy projects (like the models for Vets that had to go on hold because of no money and no staffing)

Every ‘Not Available’ (NA) you see on the website is there for our designers to bite into in the years ahead. There will be plenty more ‘NAs’ this coming year. We’ve received a huge number of suggestions but we’re always wanting more. (popular and marketable please).

Here’s our next model:
This is Richard Dery’s latest WWI Tank- The LK-II. The German ripoff of the British Whippit. Two prototypes were made and then, b’gosh, the ‘War to End all Wars’..ended. We’ve 8 models in the collection and need one more*.. Send us, please, your suggestion. What do you think about a WWII Tank series next ?

* We try to do all collections in manageable multiples of nine. Why? Because someday -in perhaps 10-20 years- there will be a punch-out ‘Model Book of Month’ for each collection and 9 models a month seems to be a comfortable amount of modeling. BTW,,this will be the knockout blow to the cardmodel pirates.

Loose your Keys??
There are still about 55 pals who, due to a software glitch, lost their Magic Keys about a month ago. Are you one? Please let us know.

In the pipeline:
Bob Martin is working on a serious expansion of the New England Village to include more barns and a little air strip. Pierre, is doing a congressional stretch-limo Pedal Car.(a hoot!) Richard is doing the Antonov A40 Flying Tank next.

Thanks for your support

Blue Angel


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Freitag, 26. August 2011, 03:35

Fiddler's Green auch dem Ende nahe ?

I got this e-mail too. It's look like the end of this site. ;(
But we can keep buy and download models for a while. :)
I have colect all the airplanemodels on my harddisk and maybe the NA models will comming soon.
Pitty but we don't live for ever so we have to enjoy every minute we have.
So keep build your models with fun.
Greeetings from .....Blue Angel.
Grüße von Blue Angel (Tony)

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