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Samstag, 4. August 2007, 15:15

I don't know about the Japanese Modeler - I'm just floored!!!!


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Mittwoch, 8. August 2007, 17:47

Thanks guys.
Thank you for your kind words but my failure I meant was that I do not have enough knowledge about ship construction and parts.
Next ship its all right because I bought IJN ship's book having many detailed illustrations.

Today I made derrick for lifting up airplanes.
Material used are 0.6mm dia. styrene bar for sheeves, 0.05mm electric wire for wiring and paper for derrick post of about 0.8mm dia.
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  • 07.08.08_2.jpg


Samstag, 11. August 2007, 15:44

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the summer time

From today I have vacation
I made small parts on stern deck spending whole day
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  • 07.08.11_4.jpg



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Sonntag, 12. August 2007, 00:29

Dear Yu,

keep on going with your great models and have a nice Obon time!

Best regards,



Sonntag, 12. August 2007, 13:53

@Dear Matthias,
Have a nice obon time too.

@Hi Norm,
I agree with you but my wife won't agree with you.

Today is 2nd day of summer vacation. From the morning I spent a lot of time to make rigging at rear mast. It took longer time than I expected.
Material used are same as derrick for airplanes.
What need other than material is patience. Tired but I must appease my wife from now other wise she will be.... I am sacared
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  • 07.08.12_1.jpg
  • 07.08.12_2.jpg


Dienstag, 14. August 2007, 10:46

Yesterdy made crane for boats at stern and today handrails around bow. I bought Polish manufacturer ABER's photo etched handrails. Its thin and satisfactory.
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  • 07.08.14_2.jpg
  • a.jpg


Donnerstag, 16. August 2007, 18:54

Progress was railings and search light around funnel and railings of port side with stairs.
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  • 07.08.16_0001.jpg
  • 07.08.16_0002.jpg
  • 07.08.16_0008.jpg



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Donnerstag, 16. August 2007, 20:57

Hi Yu,
your Fuso is unbelivable!!!!!!!!!
Someday in the future i will build the Fuso myself (Scale 1/250 or 1/200...) and i hope my Fuso is going to look half as good as your little beauty.
I am deeply impressed from your building abilities. All these parts are so tiny... 8o

greetings from Göttingen


Samstag, 18. August 2007, 09:42

Thank you Oli
Today I made starboard side accommodation ladder and railings of stern deck.
As I have to make turnbuckles for davit for boats, comtemplated how to make it. If the method I come up with will be of your help I would be happy.
1. Fold 0.5mm dia brass bar in [ shape
2. Hold it with nipper and whip 0.05mm wire around it
3. Cut the wire after shaping
4. Finish
5. To make sheeves, turn tip of sharp pencil so that you can get 0.5mm dia circle
6. First apply tiny drop of instant adhesive on to the wire then bring sheeve sticking it at the edge of knife
7. After glued sheeves at both end of both sides
8. Now 3 sets are finished
9. Next is to make handrail for ladders. Cut out bottom bar of photo etched railing
10. Shape them
11. Next step is to make ladder. Cut out steps and side panel
12. Glue it with white bond
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  • 07.08.18_01.jpg
  • 07.08.18_02.jpg
  • 07.08.18_03.jpg


Samstag, 18. August 2007, 09:43

13. Glue handrails on both sides of the ladder with instant adhesive
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  • 07.08.18_04.jpg
  • 07.08.18_05.jpg



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Samstag, 18. August 2007, 10:56



Sonntag, 19. August 2007, 06:52

Today is the final day of my summer vacation.
This morning I have finished railings.
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  • 07.08.19_001.jpg
  • 07.08.19_002.jpg


Samstag, 22. September 2007, 20:48

For the first time in quite some time made parts for Fuso.
Cut out oars out of painted paper and glued them on the cutter.
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  • DSCF0379.jpg
  • DSCF0380.jpg
  • 07.09.23.jpg


Freitag, 28. September 2007, 15:44


Original von hagen von tronje
Hello Yu,

It looks looks quite finished to me - are there any parts still missing?


Thank you hvt
Left works are several cutters, boat davits and wirings.
Before making cutters made over motor boat because I made before wasn't satisfactory.
First cut out portholes then put 0.5mm dia. brass rod and turn it so that excess paper curled up back side. Chipp off curled up paper and cut out other portholes.
Finally put it on deck. To make only one boat it took more than two hours.....
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  • DSCF0414.jpg
  • DSCF0417.jpg
  • DSCF0418.jpg
  • DSCF0421.jpg
  • DSCF0427.jpg


Sonntag, 30. September 2007, 17:23

Turn over yellow painted paper and cut into narrow strips holding them with paper strip. This is bottom plate of the cutter. Also draw lines for oars.
Shape the cutter, glue bottom and upper plate. Cut out oars then glue them on deck.
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  • DSCF0440.jpg
  • DSCF0444.jpg
  • DSCF0445.jpg


Sonntag, 30. September 2007, 17:25

Placed cutters on Fuso's deck
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  • 07.09.30_6.jpg
  • 7.09.30_7.jpg


Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2007, 17:31


Original von Stephan Hintze
Maybe i have drop my iron on my boats .... and try it again.

Oh, please don't act rushly. If you drop iron on her, give her to me. I will raise her as Fuso's elder sister because I like her.

A couple of days ago I bought ABER's ladder. Like their railings this photo etched parts is very thin and I like them.
Placed ladders on tarret and rear mast.
Left works are boat davit and wiring. This ship I will not try to make blast bag
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  • DSCF0454.jpg
  • 07.10.03.jpg
  • 07.10.03_2.jpg


Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008, 14:15

For three days after coming back home I wasn’t in the mood for modeling. Taking look at forum member’s nicely built models, I was inspired by them and restarted building.

Today made boat davit and sheaves.
First, draw 0.5mm dia. sheaves with sharp pencil. Glued the sheaves to a strand of wire extracted from electric wire. Davit was made from 0.4mm dia. brass bar.

My finger is clumsy but enjoyed modeling anyway.
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  • DSCF0947.jpg
  • DSCF0948.jpg
  • DSCF0950.jpg
  • 08.02.03_1 fuso.jpg



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Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008, 18:35

I like very much your build.

Thanks for posting.

Glue me!


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Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008, 19:48

Ouch! This gets better and better! Holy cow! If the companies that produce electric wire knew what some people do with it, they would be quite amazed ;) ;) ;)

Really, really impressed, Gloomy
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Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008, 20:27

Hello Yu, hallo Gloomy,

nice to read, how, due to my obinion, two of the most competent Card-Model-Builders, talk about the use of wires together :D :D :D

It's a pleasure to me, to see such modells as the Fuso and Prinz Eugen, built by you two.


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Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2008, 16:28

@Iriera, Gloomy and Günter

Thank you very much for your encouragements that really keep me going.

Today I was in the mood for making small parts.
Made radar on upper flying bridge, duct? on mid of upper hull, derick on fore hull and short anchor chain.

Now main rest of work is wiring. Once Gloomy advised me he uses surgeon's silk. This weekend I will go out for finding adequate thin thread.
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  • fuso08.02.13_1.jpg
  • fuso08.02.13_2.jpg
  • fuso08.02.13_3.jpg
  • fuso08.02.13_4.jpg



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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008, 12:50

Hello Yu,

I'm really fascinated by Your work and I like to watch your pictures. Both of outstanding quality.

And it's a fascinating ship as well.

Must have been an awesome feeling to stand on top bridge of that huge tower with the ship going by top speed rolling through a rough sea...

Hard to imagine. Just thought about Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet standing up there spreading their arms...

Best regards, Jyrn.

Glue me!


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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008, 14:29

Yeah, and both being blown off the bridge. I would like to see THAT movie...

Besides that: Terrific work, Yu, terrific.

Glue yu!
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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008, 16:32


What kind of fantasies You've got? Behave!

Such ones are dangerous! Think of the Celine-Dion-Song for that scene!

Okay, James Cameron made "The Fog" as well. Kind of tradition for him to be scary and cruel...

Sorry, Yu, we're a little beside the path. You might continue now, hope You don't feel disturbed...

Best regards, Jyrn.



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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008, 22:55

Hello Yu,
now you got it, I am going to order my own copy of the Fuso at Digitalnavy... :D
So can try it on my own.

But now to your Fuso.
She is so beautiful, and all this little little details... @) Its just an incredible peace of work. And i bet when you have done the rigging she looks even more realistic. When i am going to build my Fuso, i will let me inspire by the spirit of your Ship.


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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2008, 16:05

@ jyrn,

How nice to imaging courting young couple standing up on bridge spreading their arms under the moon lit night. But, I will never climb up there even if beautiful girl insists. Absolutely no. I would rather take paper modeling than beautiful girl. I am afraid of height.

@glue me

Thank you very much. Your compliment makes me really happy


Instead of composite picture that you always show us, after completion I will take picture putting the ship in front of computer screen on which beautiful night sky picture is showing.
Many thanks for your compliment

I was also inspired by your tri-plane and have bought two bi-plane kits.
Thank you.

Made anchors for bow and stern. Then made stanchions on fore deck. Today bought 0.05mm dia. steel fishing line. Put insulator where two wires are connected filing gluing bond then painted white though it isn’t clearly seen in the picture.
Wire is satisfactorily thin enough but it is nerve-racking work because of obscurity to my old-sighted eye.
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  • 08.02.17_1.jpg
  • 08.02.17_2.jpg


Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008, 15:34

About one third of wiring has been finished
»Yu Gyokubun« hat folgende Bilder angehängt:
  • DSCF1057.jpg
  • DSCF1059.jpg
  • fuso_2.jpg

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Michael Urban


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Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008, 18:01


I am speechless. This is just amazing. Especially the last image where the size of the model is put into perspective.

Confess, you're a giant, aren't you?

best regards,



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Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008, 23:35

Hi Yu,
the last Picture is very impressing, because now we can see how small your Fuso is (or maybe how large your hands are ;) ).
Even when i repeat my words your Fuso ist really beautifull =D>
At last a little question, what kind of thread to you take for the rigging?



Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008, 02:42

@Michael and Olli

Thank you for your note about my impressive physique.
Besides joking, about physical constitution I learned German people, especially people in the North, are tall. When I talk to some of German people I have to gaze up at them and my neck becomes stiff always.

I used 0.052mm dia. fishing line for sweetfish made from steel. This material is very thin and came into my favor for that matter.

Disadvantage of this material is that it is costly and rather stiff. Price for 12 meter in length costs about 25 Euros. It’s almost as same as Fuso kit CD.
At the bending point it is hard to fold neatly it so we must avoid bending it.
This is for the first time for me to use this material. I hope to learn the knuck how to handle it going through wiring of Fuso.



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Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008, 14:07

Hi Yu,
amazing what you built in that scale,I saw the Fuso from DN built by Reinhard Lachmann and I know ,that he also changed many parts for more detail...but yours is very good. I also agree that for the thin stuff you need special parts.
I have also problems to get the rigging-stuff.But i know that the industry does produce it but, you can't see public.I mean steel-lines with diameter 0,1mm ans smaller...



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Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008, 18:07

Hi Yu,

Thank You for those pictures. Especially the last one. It's very astonishing to see the small size after having studied the whole details that You create in the earlier pictures. Small model, great work!

That rigging! It's unbelievable! You must be a dompteur of a little spider spinning its laces on your demand...

Your new Avatar really fits. Holy mountain! You must be soooo settled, calm and patient...

Regards, Jyrn.

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Freitag, 22. Februar 2008, 10:04

Absolutely unbeliable! But true!!! @) @) @)
I wonder how many hours are on every single cm of that boat...


Freitag, 22. Februar 2008, 14:46


Mr. Reinhard Lachmann and Mr. John Dohemen were people who inspired me. When I saw their build at DN site I was fascinated and ordered for both kits at once.
Today I found out that plastic model of 1/700 scale builder use 0.037mm metal wire. I will try to find it.


How could you know that? You must be a laser-eyed man. 25 years of my married life made me a settled, calm and patient man. To come to terms with my wife it is indispensable... No choice indeed...


Thank you for your compliment but real desire that I want to realize is to make myself a modeler who can make simple model, which consists of only paper, beautifully in a way people like you do.

I tried to modify some of already installed rigging but it became worse and gave me eye fatigue. OMG I'm not patient and calm!!!!!
To change my mood took photo and made composite picture like hvt always make though my picture isn't that good.
For refreshment this is enjoyable
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  • fuso_sea_2.jpg

René Pinos


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Samstag, 23. Februar 2008, 02:27

Yu San,

As you know ships are not belonging to my favorit paper kits but watching your microscale boats is amazing. I read through the whole story but nobody asked the question, why was the tower of the FUSO that high. This must have been an easy target for the enemy ? Was there any naval reason, e.g. a higher crow's nest ?

Calm down for some days and then I'am sure you will continue as usual. Avoid in the future what Michael (Urban) named "verschlimmbessern" >>> "imbadprove" :D

Your hint with the fishing wire (0,052mm) is great and I will visit a fishing equipment seller nearby. Fishing in the channels of the Ruhrarea is quite popular.

I wish you will have a nice weekend and you are off work. (I mean the real life)

best Regards
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Samstag, 23. Februar 2008, 15:53

@Rene San
I also thought it strange to have pagoda like high bridge as you mentioned that it would be target of enemy’s attack.
You can see detailed explanation in here

To cut a long story short, Fuso was the first warship designed and built by Japanese but she has many disadvantages that were found later.
To catch up with modernized foreign warships she underwent several times of major modifications. First in 1924 then from 1930 to 1935.
To improve command and fire control, and install electrical component her bridge has to be extended upward.
You can see transition of her configuration in attached file.

Have a nice weekend too

@Sky San

Suicidal. Yes, I might be the stupidest modeler paper model world ever has.

Taking look at your thread, even taking scratch building some of parts into account, your build is clean and very good.

Continued wiring. This material is hard to handle since it is made from metal and some parts build is not satisfactory but to my naked eye it doesn’t stand out so it doesn’t matter.
To make composite picture tentatively becomes my hobby.
To get rid of stress fired a gun. I look dumb...
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  • fuso transition f.jpg
  • monochrome_f2.jpg
  • fire_3.jpg

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Samstag, 23. Februar 2008, 15:54

»Yu Gyokubun« hat folgendes Bild angehängt:
  • wiring_2.jpg

Glue me!


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Sonntag, 24. Februar 2008, 03:09

Wiring comes great nevertheless!
And the pictures are a real dish, unbelievable that a small thing like that looks so realistic. I'd loooooove to see the model in real...

Respectful, Gloomy
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