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Donnerstag, 19. August 2010, 23:33

CSS Pioneer

Hi All,

Just finished one of CT Ertz's free download 1/72 scale card model Civil War era ship models from the Paper Modelers forum site. It was fairly easy to assemble and detail out. I will admit to using some styrene rod to make the steering gear and propeller housing struts for a better appearance and strength. I also did a little touch up painting with some Model Master Metalizer in Gun Metal which was a near perfect match for the color scheme of the ship.

It represents Horace Hunley and friends design that they came up with and built in New Orleans before transferring their base of operations to Mobile, Alabama in 1862. While in Mobile they came up with the HL Hunley design that was later transferred to Charleston, South Carolina by railroad and testing and it's one and only battle. The Pioneer was designed to hold Federal Shipping at bay and really never left port. At the end of the war it was sunk at it's wharf rather than fall into the hands of the Yankee Navy.

Jay Massey
Las Vegas, NV



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Freitag, 10. September 2010, 12:07

RE: CSS Pioneer

Hi Jay,
a pritty nice model. Some times ago I introduced an selfmade model of"Hunley". The history of submarines during the civil war is very interesting. Only some item are available. So the ships signed by late Magnus Mörck.

Best regards


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