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Montag, 1. Februar 2010, 20:26

Card Models exhibit(s) in Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

I touched on this in my book thread... but its time to split it out to really see what kind of interest there is.

I have been talking with a couple folks at the museum and just recently got an email from one of their VP's. They like the idea of card model exhibit(s) at the museum. They have lots of sections that could benefit from a case of card models included with the exhibit. Most notably transportation and space exploration. There are lots of other areas as well though too.

In order for them to make any real decision though they would need to see actual model examples of what would be going on display. I dont want anyone to send me anything until we have positive confirmation on the project of course.

You would of course need to ship the model to me if this goes ahead. I am willing to accept most builds for this project if you are willing to send it to me. Of course any final acceptance would be up to the museum, not me. If for some reason the museum does not accept it, I can find other homes too in libraries and whatnot.

If you would like to express interest in this project and have you rbuild considered here is what I will need:

1. A good representative picture of the model, I would prefer it in whatever size your camera originally takes. No desktop clutter but you can take the pic in your home etc etc. This will be submitted to the museum so they know what I have lined up.

2. A short writeup on the model, historical signifiacnce etc figure 1-2 paragraphs tops. I have no idea what they may want to include. Be sure to include at the end of this writeup how you would like your name to appear if they allow your name to be put up with the model. I dunno....

3. Approximate dimensions of the model - rough guess is fine, its to determine space needs.

Please feel free to submit your entries for this into my book project as well. I am probably going to be easing my expectations a bit there based on feedback

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