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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2007, 14:36

Canadair CL-215, kostenlos

Here's my lifework's second and latest model (I started late!), the Canadair CL-215, again free. You can download it at . Enter the site, and click on MY OWN FREE MODELS. It has many similarites to the CL-415, which is why I managed it so rapidly.
Since I joined this forum (with 3 other ones at the same time - , , ,, I have received so much spam, that I am considering leaving the forums. Has anyone else had the same problem? Anyway, the geocities site is always available.
Any problems or errors (2 left wings, a back-to-front tail fin, wheels missing etc), just contact me on my e-mail address.
I'm looking for 1:72 card model (to make) of a Dash 8. Any ideas where?
Cheers, and have fun.
(you can answer in German - no problem)

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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2007, 14:53

Hi Bob,

first of all: many thanks for sharing your models with us!! They look really great!!

To avoid spam, hide your mail-adress! ( go to Profil, edit options) In every forum, if you want to send a mail, you can give your mail-adress via PN, if it is necessary. And hide it on your website. Don´t use a direct link to send a mail, just write your mail adress in the text, maybe without the @ symbol, so everyone who wants to sent a mail has to type it, and spamers are idlers :D

I´ve had the same problem in the past.
Gruß aus Würzburg


Lieber eine Stunde vor dem Modell meditiert, als gar nichts getan!!:D

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