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Samstag, 16. Februar 2008, 19:15

Angraf's Pt47 (1:25)

Hello, my name is Peter, I'm from Poland and few days ago I decided to register here, although I was reading this forum for a quite long time.
After a hard work in rebuilding firebox I thought, it would be nice to have relation on foreign forum.
Right now I'm building Pt47 - I started in late November along with finishing Px29. The model came with laser-cut wheels and screws.

Pt47 is my second model in 1:25 and 4th railway model. I did two in 1:87, but I have no bravery to show them in public :)

Because of starting new topic here, and having many pictures, this first post will be with short description of parts. Later on I'm sure I will be able to give a decent commentary about all pictures.

Firstly I built framework for tender (You can see Px29 in comparision):

Then I started to cut out the frame, which was quite hard work to do, mainly because of thickness of cardboard - 1,5 mm.
Then endless gluing of screws:

I also built boiler:

And the tender:

Next thing was construction of trailing truck and wheels:

Here are leaf springs of driving wheels:

I also tried to paint boiler with black spray - the effect is nice, after joining with firebox I will paint it one more time:


Main parts of tender's bogies are almost finished, after placing leaf springs they'll be polished and painted:

The two last pictures show plate with railway track (it will be very helpful to correct positioning of all the wheels) and my experiment with dirtying of leading bogie:

My buliding may seem chaotic, but I like to think "Hm, today I'd fancy to do leading bogie." I keep track of every part in case there's particular sequence in fixing elements. That means I can work on cylinders one day, and on something different the other day, so it makes the work nicer to me.

Any comments or questions are welcomed.

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