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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012, 11:19

1/72 scale polish tug 'taurus'

after the 1950's 'klimek', started another
more modern tug. based on the pro-model 1/100 scale taurus. since the approach
on this one is to use the kit as template, i enlarged and printed out a b&w
copy on 140lb/.42mm cardstock. scoured the internet and luckily found many
photos including two really useful panoramic ones, as well as a general plan of
the boat. intention is to add as much detail as possible. the goal for this
project is a clean crisp build (learned a lot on the 'klimek'). hope to keep
this thread going. all comments welcome. anyway this is what i have so

all set to

the spine is 3 layers of .42mm card, the ribs 2 layers, all hardened
and glued with thin ca

fit is nice and tight after sanding and filing the slots

hull sides. i find the flex ruler useful for cutting gentle curves. won't work
on sharp curves and the knife tends to dig into the soft plastic if not careful.
anyone have a better ides?

off the bottom of the hull since i like waterline models

out the deck. on this part decided to try minwax wood hardner to harden the
card. 2 layers of .42 mm card glued together. minwax is wattery so soaks into
the card very well but requires multiple coats. has toluene so i use a
respirator to be safe. didn't turn out as stiff as ca but works. much cheaper
than thin ca. 1 pint about $10.00

the anchor housing. wanted to try lego bricks to build a jig. first attempt
worked well. the parts fit nice and square. don't know if this method will work
with all parts but was fun playing with the bricks, i must admit. by the way
my home-made glue applicator in the background.

glu applicator is an ordinary sewing needle with the eye ground off

attached to the hull. using squadron green putty to fill in some gaps. anyone
know the difference between the green and the white?

next episode to


Hennings Dino

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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012, 20:51


but the link does not work without an account.



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